Our Story

At Pluf we have a passion for design and quality crafted products. Our home is our inspiration and we look at it as a powerful source of energy.

We believe that great design improves our lives, by generating positive energy for everyone living in a space and using objects designed to have a heart and soul.

Pluf knits, for us and many others, are such emotional products!

The idea of Pluf came on a chilly November night in 2018, watching a movie on our new sofa, cuddling under a blanket.

We had recently renovated the living room in a perfect blend of Italian and Scandinavian design… everything was perfect indeed, except one thing: the blanket! An old fleece, feeling like plastic...we had to do something about it.

“I want something that feels just like the alpaca sweater I got in Peru two years ago! Light, warm and soft!”, Lies said.

We searched, searched and searched, online and in shops, but could not find anything living up to the challenge…so we decided to create it!

We went back to the Andes of Peru, scouting different options on alpaca yarn, patterns, weight, colors and fair craftmanship until we found the perfect mix! Pluf Plaid was born... the most cuddleproof sofa blanket ever made!! And so the identity of our cozy knits!


Lies & Dan, Pluf Founders