What does Pluf mean?

Pluf stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Fun/Fairness: all values we are proud to represent with our products. On top of that the name also sounds nice: it makes us think of something fluffy and light.

Are all your products hand knitted?

Yes they are! 😊

Why is hand knitting better?

Because we use a unique combination of knitting pattern and delicate “fluffy” yarn that we believe only hand knitting can transform in such a fantastic product. Hand knitted blankets follow your body shape like no other, giving you the 100% cuddle proof feeling! 

How long does it take to knit a Pluf?

It depends: our experienced knitters work for about one week non stop to make a Pluf Plaid of 170x110 cm. To our mothers in law (both passionate about crochet / knitting) it would take more than a month! 😊 

What is the composition of Pluf?

All Plufs are 89% Alpaca wool for warmth and softness and 11% Polyamide for extra durability and easier washing.

How easy is it to wash?

Surprisingly easy!!! We really recommend to keep things safe: hand wash, cold water, dry on a flat surface, do not hang. If you respect these guidelines, you will probably pass your Pluf to the next generation.

Once we have gone completely crazy by washing a Pluf Plaid in the washing machine, cold water, no detergent, only natural shampoo, wool program. The Plaid survived and still looks like new.

What do you mean with Belgian and Italian design?

All Plufs are designed in Belgium by Liesbeth (Belgian) and Daniele (Italian). It’s a team work we are very proud of. 😊

Why is Pluf made in Peru?

Because the local ladies have superior knitting skills and we want local communities to benefit from the Alpaca yarn industry. Salaries in Peru are also lower than in Europe, so we can pay very well our knitters and still deliver a good value for money to our customers.

Are you selling only online? Or are you also present in shops?

Yes we are only selling online through our website. This allows us to keep the supply chain super short, and to minimise cost, so you can enjoy a top quality, handcrafted product at a correct price.

What if I want to return a Pluf?

Within 2 week from your purchase, simply ship it back to us and we will give you a full refund provided it is still in unused conditions.

What is the warranty? 

We are so proud of our quality that we are happy to offer a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and quality. Of course it does not cover misuse (like over-stretching our cutting) and normal wear and tear. If you have any issue simply reach out to us and we will do our best to help you out.

What if I have more questions? 

Just reach out to us at info@plufknits.com