Discover more about Alpaca Yarn and Our Knitters

Alpaca wool is one of the most luxurious fibres in the world, this is why it is often used in high fashion as it is very warm, durable and soft.

Up in the Andes, Alpacas live from 2,500 to over 4,500 metres of altitude, where weather is extreme and temperature can quickly move from +30°C to – 20°C. Not by chance evolution has equipped these funny looking animals with a special wool that contains air pads that provide insulation and breathability.

As a result, Alpaca fibers are stronger and more durable than any other wool like, for instance cashmere.  

When we chose our yarn supplier, we made sure to work with a company that excels in transforming this noble fibre into luxurious yarns, works harmoniously with nature, the environment and with the utmost respect for the local population.

If you put such an extraordinary natural product in the hands of our knitters, then you can be sure magic happens!

With their amazing skills, they combine the strengths of alpaca fibers with our desired design to create a knit that not just feels great, but also will resist to the most intense cuddles!

Our knitters are mainly women, mothers who, with their work are able to better support their families, or ladies who seek for an opportunity of independence and personal growth. Each of them works for one of the fair trade certified organisations we have carefully selected to create our cozy knits.

In the video below you see Hermelinda knitting a Light Grey Pluf Plaid :-)